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Who Are the Audience for gaatha story podcasts?

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In this post, you will find information on our audience and listener profiles.

We are always happy to share information about our shows! You can view the below data for the over a one year period: Feb 2018-Feb 2019.

Audience for gaatha story podcasts

I. gaatha story: Network wide listenership

gaatha story consists of 8 podcasts at this point in time, catering to our core audience- Children. These include:

Baalgatha (English, Hindi Marathi.. soon launching Telugu)

The below shows are in English ONLY at this time, but we will be launching Hindi versions of a couple of these shows shortly.
*Myths, Legends and Fairytales of India
*MyKitaab: How to Publish and Market Your Books
*Startup Nibbles
*Chants of India by Sriram
*NRI:Now, Returned to India

Baalgatha English and Myths, Legends and Fairytales of India are our flagship podcasts.

gaatha story: Country Wise Listnership 10 Feb 2018-10 Feb 2019

Audience for gaatha story- Country Wide Listnership Feb 2018-Feb 2019
Country Wide Listenership

gaatha story: Audience between Feb2018-10 Feb2019

Listner demographics - gaatha story, age and gender
Network wide demographic- gaatha story

gaatha story: Devices and Apps usage Feb 2018-10 Feb 2019

Device and Platform wide listnership - gaatha story

II. Podcast-wise listnership

For our flagship shows, the listener geography or gender percentage does not change significantly. There will, of course, be variations on a week on week basis.

Baalgatha: Country wise listens 1 week: 3 Feb-10Feb 2019

Baalgatha Podcast- 1 Week listener snapshot

Myths, Legends, Fairytales of India: Country Wise Listens 1 week: 3 Feb-10 Feb 2019

Country Wise Listenership for MLFT Podcast

Finally, 1 week snapshot of device and app wise usage for Baalgatha, 3 Feb-10 Feb 2019

Device wise listnership for MLFT Podcast


We launched Baalgatha as a beta over WhatsApp in May 2016 with a group of 50 parents, mostly with children under 8 years of age. That puts the listener profile in the 25-45 age group, mostly (Sec A India) and NRI. Since then, our core audience has largely remained the same. When we launched Myths, Legends and Fairytales of India (TG: Pre-teens, typically a Baalgatha listener who is 8 + now, or older sibling of a Baalgatha listener) - the listener profiles remained the same. That is why show-wise breakup for Baalgatha English and MLFT are quite similar.

For regional languages, Baalgatha Hindi listener ship obviously has more Hindi speaking Tier II city percentage.

Summing it all up:

One of the challenges every podcaster faces is, "How to find and grow your podcast audience?" While we have been able to grow our audience organically over the years, our focus in coming months will be on scaling up this growth.

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