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My Posts on Medium about Podcast Recording and Production

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Tools for podcast recording, launching and hosting a podcast have evolved rapidly since 2015. That was the year when we started podcasting. In this post, I share my list of posts published on Medium over the past several years. On occasion of #MypodMondays, I thought of sharing this “blast from the past”. Below are my posts on Medium about podcasting.

Blog posts on Podcasting

If you visit my profile on Medium , you will find that most of my posts there are on podcasting. All posts are relevant, some are more time specific, while others are evergreen. As they say,

All things are equal, but some things are more equal than others.

My Top Five Posts on Podcast Recording and Production

a. How We Beta Tested a Podcast Using WhatsApp

Indeed! Baalgatha Podcast was launched after testing out the idea with a beta group of 50 patents. Back then, this show was available in English and Hindi. In February 2022, Baalgatha is available in 6 languages, with over 500 episodes and 5 million listens.

Originally published: May 2016

Click to read: https://amarvyas.medium.com/how-we-beta-tested-a-podcast-using-whatsapp-7d7ea7bfab02#.55n8z81nu

b. Podcasting “Studio” under INR 7,000 or US $ 100

In April 2016, my podcast recording station was built around a Raspberry Pi 3 B. You can read about my experiences in the below post.

Originally published: April 2016

Click to read: https://amarvyas.medium.com/how-i-use-the-raspberry-pi-for-my-podcast-studio-986695830d88

Image of a Raspberry Pi3 and microphone- podcast recording setup of Amar Vyas for podcast launch
Blog post on my Podcast Recording “Station”, April 2016.

c. 7 Ways to Record Podcast Interviews Online

Back in 2016, there were fewer options to record and produce podcasts. I had written this post about the 7 methods we had tried back then. Interestingly enough, from this list; Zencastr, Zoom, and Cleanfeed are still around. So is Skype, though in a much limited avatar.

Originally published: April 2016

Click to read: https://amarvyas.medium.com/7-ways-to-record-podcast-interviews-online-6e2ba843c723#.yio0rgshw

You can also watch a short video I had made in 2016. This is in Hindi.

Video in Hindi: Using Raspberry Pi3B and Manjaro Linux for podcasting. (recording by Amar Vyas in December 2016)
Image by Amar Vyas showing tools podcast recording online- Zencastr, Ringr, Cleanfeed
Tools for podcast recording. Image: Amar Vyas

d. The Rise of Text to Speech Services: Podcaster’s Friend, or foe?

One of the key components of a good podcast show is good recording, narration and editing. But what if Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools take over these tasks? Read my post on the topic to learn more.

Originally published: April 2021

Click to read: https://amarvyas.medium.com/the-rise-of-text-to-speech-services-podcasters-friend-or-foe-19e69161bf29

e. The One Third Rule of Podcast Recording

If you are looking to start an interview based podcast, this post may be helpful to you. I share my approach for creating MyKitaab Podcast in this blog post.


Originally published: April 2016

Summing it up Podcast Recording and Production:

As the market for podcasts has evolved, so have the tools and techniques for podcast recording, production and podcast marketing. I am keen to see more options that help in localization, including languages like Hindi. the rise of AI tools for podcast planning, recording, editing and production will only make things more interesting in the times to come! I leave you with one more post about podbot.ai which is a step in that direction. You can read it at: https://amarvyas.medium.com/my-impressions-of-podbot-creating-a-podcast-using-ai-9b867f7a5129

Creating a podcast using podbot.ai. Blog of Amar vyas
Screenshot of podbot.ai for podcast creation.

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