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Introducing Little Tales For The Little Children Podcast

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gaathastory is excited to announce their newest storytelling podcast for children: Little Tales For The Little Children Podcast, featuring amazing stories by award winning author Ramendra Kumar. We had done a limited edition “soft launch” of this podcast a few months ago, and today we are launching all the episodes from this show for your listening pleasure.

About Little Tales For The Little Children Podcast

Little Tales for the Little Children podcast includes about 15 different stories written by award winning writer Ramendra Kumar. These are delightful little tales set in different parts of India, and we experienced a lot of joy and pleasure while producing the stories and in creating this show. We hope that you would like them as well. Listen to the story of a young boy called Google and how he brings back laughter to his village.And the story of an old woman - Kahani Nani and how she spins wonderful tales.

How To Listen and Subscribe to this podcast

Little Tales for the Little People podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, gaana, Castbox, Spreaker, Stitcher and many other fine podcasting apps. You can visit l.gstry.in/little-tales to listen to the stories and subscribe.

About gaathastory

gaathastory is the home of amazing storytelling podcasts for children and families. Our shows include Baalgatha, Veergatha, Devgatha and Fairytales of India. For any queries, you can reach out to us at contact@gaathastory.com