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How to Listen to Podcasts on Brew

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In this post, you will learn how to listen to podcasts on Brew App. But first, we will learn as a podcaster, how you can list your podcasts on Brew.

Brew is a podcasting app that supports podcasters by offering podcasts as a subscription service to listeners. In March 2019, they got featured in TechCrunch and other publications courtesy their selection in YCombinator. You can sign up as a podcaster on Brew to list your podcast as mentioned below.

How to Sign up as a Podcaster/ Creator on Brew

How to Listen to Podcasts on Brew App - Blog of Kamakshi  Media

Once you have submitted the details, then you will receive a confirmation email

Email confirmation from Brew

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How to Listen to Podcasts on Brew

In this segment, we will learn how you can install, sign up and listen to your favourite podcasts on Brew. They currently offer a 1 month free trial, after which you will have to pay US $ 4.99 per month subscription fee.

Brew is available as an iOS app. According to the FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions on their website, Android App will be available in April 2019. In the below screenshots, we will see how to install Brew app, sign up and listen to gaatha story podcasts.

Install the Brew App

Locating the app on the iOS store is pretty easy: just search for the brew app. We used the terms "brew podcasts."

Searching for Brew Podcasts on iOS

How to listen to gaatha podcasts on Brew App

Finally, we reach the segment that we hope you were really looking for! Once you have signed up or the Brew Account and trial, search for 'gaatha podcasts' and you will be greeted with the following menu:

gaatha story podcasts on Brew App- March 2019

You can select your favourite gaatha story podcast and you will be able to start listening!

Note: If you already have the Brew App installed, here are the direct links to the shows:

Other shows will be added as and when they become available.

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