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Listenership for gaatha podcast: Jul-Sept 2020

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At gaathastory, we have always believed in sharing our listener numbers, which includes both ups and downs. Fortunately, we have seen more of the former than the latter since 2016.
I thought of posting a short update on the listener numbers for the previous quarter (July-Sept 2020). While we would have loved to share more, three compulsions prevent us from doing so:

a. We have almost entirely moved away from Audioboom, and now are on Spreaker. But there are some legacy shows and apps like headfone whose listener numbers have to be computed manually. It is becoming more and more complex as the number of platforms has increased.

b. We are investing in our own analytics system. More on that in a subsequent post.

c. Finally, we are in the middle of launching new shows. Shows number 17 and 18 in particular are taking a lot more time than anticipated. And I mean it in a good way!

Long Story short

We received over 1.5 million listens for our shows for the quarter Jul-September 2020. Mind you, six of our shows were on “vacation” during this period. Coming to the other important question,

Who is listening to our shows?

The short answer is, “Bharat” and “India’ both. Like the past trends,

Looking ahead

We expect Q4 2020 to overtake the previous quarter by a mile, as the flagship shows are relaunched and we add new podcasts to the network. But that is a story for another day.

Note: I am looking to post more regularly on this blog for the remainder of this year, as a part of my blogging/ writing goals for the last leg of 2020. Stay tuned!
For any questions, comments or clarifications about our podcasts, you can write to me at contact @ gaathastory . com

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