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Podcasts by gaathastory heard over 4.5 million times in 2020

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Introduction : Listenership numbers for podcasts by gaathastory in 2020

At gaathastory,we have tried out best to provide quarterly updates for our podcast listenership figures. This information is shared with the podcasting community and also the supporters, champions and listeners of our shows. Coming to listenership for our shows in 2020, the headline news is:

Celebrating 4.5 millions listenship for our podcsats in 2020

Our podcast episodes were listened to over 4.5 million times in 2020 !
Celebration for milestone in listenership for podcasts by gaathastory.
Image: Pablo Heimplatz | Source: Unsplash

Digging into the listenership numbers

Till the end of this month, we will continue to maintain two sources of audio feeds for our shows, on Spreaker and Audioboom, respectively. Between the two sources of podcast listenership, we received over 3.5 million listens. Other sources including private feeds accounted for another 20 percent or nearly 1 million listens.

Listenership on Audioboom

Screenshot for listenership for podcasts by gaathastory in 2020- analytics from Audioboom,
Listenership for podcasts by gaatha story in 2020, with the top 10 podcasts

Podcast Listenership coming via Spreaker

Screenshot for listenership for podcasts by gaathastory in 2020- analytics from Spreaker
Listenership for podcasts by gaathastory via Spreaker.

Notes about podcast listnership for storytelling shows by gaathastory

1. We reduced the number of channels or apps wehre our content was available, to better track the listener feedback, listenership data and to concentrate our social media promotion efforts.

2. In Mid-2020, we moved all of our feeds to Spreaker. Starting February 2021, our podcasts will be ‘fed’ via Spreaker only. While this may have a short term dip in podcast listenership, we are confident this will be offset by new audience in the months to come.

3. We deliberately slowed down the release of new podcast episodes in Q4 of 2020. This is reflected in the listenership figures for podcasts. This allowed us to plan new content for 2021. I will write about that in a separate post.

Audience numbers from Spreaker- podcast by gaathastory
Listenership from Spreaker for podcasts by gaathastory in 2020

What is in store for 2021

I have said before that in 2021, we will focus on new podcasts, new languages and new content. That is New times 3. In the coming three quarters, you will see one or more avatars of the above. We are confident that these new additions will support the continued growth in our podcast listenership. Stay tuned!

-Amar Vyas, cofounder, gaathastory


At the time of publishing this article, January 2021 is alomst over, which makes me wonder: why would anybody bother to read a post about 2020 at all? After all, last year was an annus horribilis and most would have already moved on to the current year. But it is equally important to share the listener numbers from our podcasts.

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