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Amar Vyas

Coming soon.. new Podcasts, more languages

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As storytellers who produce podcasts of children's stories, we have been rather quiet these past couple of months. We were updating our content library, producing new shows, recording new episodes, and giving gaatha story a new visual identity.

I think those are four solid reasons to disappear in the caves. or a mountain cabin. More so, because the summer in Bengaluru was rather long and awfully hot. And as we conclude the month of July, the monsoons haven't yet fully set in. In fact, we can still hear the Koel of Cuckoo bird singing away to glory.

New Shows, More Languages for Existing Podcasts

In the second half of August, we will launch Devgatha, a podcast of Mythological stories- with a twist. We will also launch Veergatha, which will bring stories of valour, courage and inspiration to us.

Logo of Devgatha Podcasts by gaatha story. (C) 2019 https://gaathastory.com
Devgatha Podcast by gaatha story
Logo of Devgatha Podcast by gaatha story. (C) 2019 https://gaathastory.com
Devgatha Podcast- Hindi
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