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Audio Blog: Alternatives to CentOs8 - After The Storm

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Welcome to the seventh day of my #bloggingchallenge. For today's post I thought of bringing some variation in my blogging. I will embed the audio of a blog post written by me last week. This post was written as a guest post for an Internet community that is focused on web hosting.

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Audio Blog By Amar Vyas

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About this post:

This post is titled "Alternatives to CentOs- After The Storm", and the theme of this post is as follows:

In December 2020, Red Hat Linux, who had been acquired by IBM, announced that they will discontinue development for CentOs operating system, which is used by a wide variety of users, system administrators and web hosts. 14 months after the announcement, how have the users and the market adopted? Which of the alternatives have found user and market acceptance?

This post was written for the Low End Spirit community, and will get published shortly on that site. This post is oriented towards those who are familiar with Linux and Open source. But I have focused more on the user feedback, market acceptance of the alternatives rather than the technicalities. The itself post turned out to be a 2,000 word article, and I thought it would be a cool idea to publish it as an audio blog. Bringing variation in the posts is also recommended by Problogger. I had participated in the Blogging groove Challenge some years back. It was immensely useful.

AI Tools for podcasting: using Text to Speech

You may have noticed that I convert most of my blogs into audio, for which I use a SaaS called play.ht. For this post, I have used lovo.ai; which uses similar technology but its quality is supposed to be better. their embed player does not work,  as I discovered after this post was published. You can read my previous post on Text to Speech, titled,

Text To Speech Services- Podcaster’s Friend or Foe? (click to read)

About this post:
This post is written by me, Amar Vyas, for my amarvyas.in blog. The theme for Mondays is MyPod Mondays, where I write about topics related to podcasting. You can follow my blogging challenge by visiting this page.

Word Count: 300. Time taken for this post: 50 minutes including updates prior to publishing and changing audio player later.